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This site is administered by Rick Fletcher for the benefit of persons with an interest in railway operations in NSW. I have gathered some resources here which may be of value to heritage rail operators and railway modellers. Please read the DISCLAIMER.

It is not a blog, just a collection of rare or unusual photographs, documents and drawings presented in a way that makes them usable for all at an appropriate resolution and without obliterating watermarks.

Please feel free to access this for your own personal use but I ask you to respect the copyright of the owners of the documents and images. Rather than stealing the images from these pages, please just provide a link to your mates so that they can see the originals on my web site - along with the captions and other details.

If you would like to share some of your own material with viewers, presented under your own name (eg. the Hall Collection below), I would be pleased to host it for you on this site. Contact me for the best method -
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3 Aug 2016
(Way & Works Drwgs)
From the old Oberon Tarana Heritage Railway Site

Includes unique collections of photographs related to the original Oberon Tarana line PLUS details of the restoration of the line up to 2010

Prepared by the (then) webmaster - Rick Fletcher

The "Hall Collection"

A unique photographic collection which covers some aspects of the railway rolling stock and associated work carried out by Tulloch Limited during the mid 20th century.

Scanned, researched, prepared & presented by Rick Fletcher

Department of Railways
Way & Works Drawings

A collection of Departmental Way & Works drawings representing items of common use on NSW railways. Most of these drawings were scanned from the Stephen Preston Collection.

Scanned, researched, prepared & presented by Rick Fletcher

Meeting Guides
Toolbox meetings are normally presented at the start of each work period. They are designed to provide constant reminders to workers of possible risks and dangers in the processes they are undertaking. They serve to reinforce the Safety Management System.
The notes provided here are not prescriptive nor do they attempt to cover every aspect of a topic.
These notes should be supplemented by a detailed Risk Assessment of your own work situation.