3526 on Goulburn Turntable

I visited Goulburn for the 150th Celebration of the arrival of the Railway into Goulburn. Hopes were high as I had an excellent spot to video the arrival of the train hauled by a resplendent 3526. It was not to be, unfortunately and due to “the perversity of an inanimate object” – viz. the very new camera choosing that moment to completely lock up. Later removal of the battery allowed it to reset. Blast! (actually I may have said a little more than that). 25th May 2019.

Some compensation came with a good posi at the 90ft turntable as the 35 class was turned for the return trip:

The video is not top quality as I was hand holding the camera which at least had the decency to to continue operating. Several other lock-ups that day suggests that it urgently needs a service.

An immaculate 1076 coupled with 4821 were “fiddling around on the approach road.


And this exquisite live steam model of 5701 was running on rollers in the roundhouse – creating shreaks of shock as viewers were surprised when the safety valve lifted. What a wonderful model and a credit to the builder.